Letter from Orit, Yuval’s mother

30 September 2013

 Dear Mathew and Members of Shofar Community,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for coming here to visit us in Tzur Hadassah, and visiting the park in memory of my daughter Yuval.

We are greatly honored to have members of your community visit us here.

Your donation to the park and to Tzur Hadassah is very meaningful, warms our heart and makes us very happy.

We hope that this visit is one of many and this will be a long and ongoing relationship between our communities.

With very best wishes

Orit Yohanan


From Orit’s message:

A year and a half ago Yuval, our beloved daughter and sister, passed away after being ill with cancer, when she was only 17 years old.

Yuval grew up, matured and was educated in Tzur Hadassah. Her experiences from here, more than any other place, were ingrained in her memories. Yuval would also be happy to make her own imprint on this place that she loved so much.

Therefore, we decided to erect a youth garden, together with the Tzur Hadassah community, in her memory and honor.

We plan that young people and children will come, sit in the shade of the trees and enjoy the wonderful scenery. We believe that this is what Yuval would have wanted and we hope this is the way she will be remembered.

Our dream is already coming true and we are pleased to see that the park is becoming the center or attraction for the youth movement, for children and for adults who live here.

On behalf of Yuval, her brothers, my family and the people of Tzur Hadassah, I would like to thank you, the members of Shofar Community, for your visit and your generous donation.

We hope that this visit will be the first of many and will be the start of a long and continuous relationship between our two communities.


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