Saturday Feb 22nd

I’m sorry for not posting for so long.

After the snow we’ve had a very dry winter with hardly any rain. The nights have been cold and the days warm. Luckily the local council is taking care and watering the plants in Yuval Park, including the olive trees you planted. Most of them survived the snow and yesterday I took a video of them, they are already sprouting new leaves.

There have been a few changes in the park – look at the photos I’ve just put.
A local sculptor, called Moshe Hazan, (the one who made the gazebo) donated an oven that he made. The council is making a safe corner for bonfires and the people will be able to bake pitta bread in the oven. We now have a new council head, called Benny, and he is making a huge efforts and is making a great change in the look of the town.

There is a new neighborhood being built on the East side of Tzur Hadassah and the JNF transplanted oak and other trees from the building site to various places around Tzur Hadassah, including Yuval Park. You can see them in the photo. They also transplanted wild flower bulbs, including wild orchids. Hopefully next year I will post photos of them

At the bottom if the park the council built a path for the school kids to cut across the valley from Har Kitron neighborhood to the school

There are now two swings and I confess that I tried them out. It is lovely to swing in front of that beautiful scenery.

The Yuval park looks really lovely and there are lots of flowers especially lupins that are blooming now. I made some video yesterday and I will try to edit it and post it too.

The Yuval park has really become a meeting place for young and old at all hours of the day. Thank you all for making your contribution.



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