Happy Thanksgiving

Today, Nov 30th, I went to see the park and visit your trees.

This year is very special, because it is the only time EVER that Thanksgiving and Hanukah fall on the same day. The Scouts organized a march for all the kids with torches and a fire display. I wasnt there, so dont have any pictures for you, but I am adding a couple of photos from Yuval’s park.

When the scouts make an activity for the community they advertise it by painting the town pink (which is their troup’s color). I have included a photo of a statue of a lion with a pink baloon tied to it’s neckso you can get the feel.

The weather is glorious – but this isnt too good for the trees, we need some cold and rain for them to grow. Meanwhile they are still being irrigated, as you can see by the weeds growing around them.

One of our neighbors has carved a love seat out of the natural rock, see how beautiful it is.

I am going to try to add photos for the people who told me where their trees are. I will also add a map that Pat very kindly made, to help me know whose tree is whose.

Wishing you all a lovely thanksgiving






One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Hanukkah to you all! Thank you for taking the time to share and give us an update. The love chair is beautiful. May Hashem bless you all. Brandi

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