Nov 1st was a beautiful sunny day in Tzur Hadassah

On Friday Nov 1st, a group of school kids came to Yuval’s park to plant a tree and some flowers – in Hebrew they are called Nurit, and when I looked them up in the dictionary it said buttercups – but are there red buttercups? Hopefully in a month or so, the weather will get cold and rainy, and the flowers will suddenly bloom.

My husband went to help and so I tagged along and took these videos for you. The trees all look good – it is the end of the summer so I dont expect any new growth until the spring, but they are watered regularly and all look healthy.

I dont know how the weather is in Iowa – but here we have very distinct seasons – long dry summers and a cold winter. Spring and autumn are short. We usually have snow once or twice each year – sometimes it is deep enough to cut us off for a couple of hours. In the spring all the plants will spring back to life and hopefuly the olive trees will spurt into growth. They flower usually around May. Dud you know that olive trees have alternate good years, with abundant fruit and lean years? All the trees have the same good years and bad years, so we have cheaper olive oil every other year.

Have a lovely week


I am sorry – I see now that I should have filmed these horizontally, not vertically! but i hope you enjoy them anyway, and can find your personal tree


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